IUVENI replaces the vital, protective layer in hair, the Cell Membrane Complex. IUVENI replaces the molecules that are damaged, restoring hair’s natural softness and strength.

In all instances, you have to put enough Lipid Layer Quencher on to coat every hair, just like you would with a chemical service. In order for chemicals to react they have to touch, if you want every hair to be healed, it needs to be coated.

Lipid Layer Quencher also has a quenching/chelating/buffering agent that will remove any reactive molecules that might be in the hair. This is the second reason that you need to coat every hair. Let it react for 5-10 minutes.

When you rinse your client’s hair you should leave a small amount of Lipid Layer Quencher in. Let the lipids dry into the hair to complete the process. Don’t use heat above 170 C/ 395 F, because you have just restored lipids that will conduct heat. If you do need to use high heat, use a heat protection spray. (We recommend any heat protectant that has any of the following chemicals: polyquaternium-28 PVM/MA copolymer, polyquaternium-55, lauryl methacrylate copolymer)

Oxidative color

Process your color like normal, when you rinse your client at the bowl  rinse the color out for five minutes. DO NOT SHAMPOO! Apply IUVENI as directed above.

Highlights/Baylage/High lift tint

Pull foils and rinse well for five minutes, if you are applying a toner you need to determine how healthy your client’s hair is. If you determine the condition is bad enough then you can do a IUVENI treatment in between the highlight and the toner. If the hair is in good enough condition, you can skip the treatment between the two processes, but always do a treatment after rinsing out the toner.


After pulling the rods and rinsing out the neutralizer, apply Quencher as directed above. Quencher will not interrupt the air neutralization process.

Stand Alone Treatment

Apply Quencher to clean, wet hair. Use this time to give your clients the full spa experience. Rinse after 10 minutes.

Client Use at Home

Apply to clean, wet hair. In the shower is a good place. They should use less at home than needed in a salon, but all other directions apply.

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