West Coast

Sherry Dee Cassel

Independent Stylist

Sherry Cassel is a multifaceted professional with a successful 30-year career as a hairstylist, entrepreneur, and educator. With 7 years of experience owning her own salon, Sherry is deeply immersed in the beauty industry, serving as an international online educator for hairstylists worldwide. Her expertise extends to prestigious roles as a Business Educator for Lanza International and as an educator for Framesi, demonstrating a commitment to sharing her knowledge and skills with others.

Sherry’s passion for continuous learning is evident in her diverse certificate training in curly hair, color, and various hair techniques, showcasing her dedication to staying current with industry trends and practices. Beyond the realm of hairstyling, Sherry holds a certificate in Creative Writing, reflecting her creative talents and intellectual pursuits. Her editorial background as the editor-in-chief of the American River Review, a renowned literary magazine, highlights her writing proficiency and editorial leadership.

In the world of fashion and modeling, Sherry has prominently featured in multiple magazines, advertisements, and shows, showcasing her versatility and presence in the industry. Her remarkable achievements in beauty pageants include winning the Miss Big Beautiful Women pageant for Utah and achieving 2nd runner-up and top talent honors at the National Pageant with a compelling motivational speech. 

Additionally, Sherry has been recognized for her inspiring story in publications by acclaimed authors Richard Ostler and Steve Young, as well as being a guest on the Listen Learn and Love Podcast. However, Sherry’s most cherished role is that of a single mother of three children and a proud grandmother of four, underscoring her dedication to family and the values she holds dear. With a blend of professional success, creative talent, and personal achievements, Sherry Cassel is an inspiring individual whose impact resonates within and beyond the beauty industry.

Straight Up Curls @Montage Studios
6253 Sunrise Blvd #104 & 103
Citrus Heights, CA

Great Lakes

Tracy Kurtz

Independent Stylist

A seasoned hairstylist with over 25 years of experience, Tracy Kurtz is a passionate advocate for enhancing natural curls. Since 2015, she has specialized in curl care and styling, continuously honing her expertise through advanced training and education.

In 2018, Tracy took a step further by opening her own salon suite, providing a space to cultivate her creativity and client relationships.

Always seeking to empower others, Tracy joined IUVENI as an educator in April 2024. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with aspiring stylists, fostering the next generation of curl specialists.

Tracy’s dedication to her craft is evident in her ongoing participation in advanced curl-focused courses. This commitment ensures she stays at the forefront of industry trends and techniques, offering the most up-to-date services to her clients.

Curl Life Salon
132 Division Street Suite #13
Waite Park MN


Bart N. Rosenstein

Independent Stylist

With over 40 years’ experience in our industry, Bart’s journey has been marked by continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovation, having undergone extensive training and collaboration with leading hair color manufacturers. This rich tapestry of experience has equipped him with the tools and insights necessary to excel in every facet of hair coloring. Bart was honored to serve on the board of the International Haircolor Exchange.

Bart’s passion for educating others is inspiring. By sharing his knowledge and expertise, he empowers stylists to explore their creativity, enhance their skills, and stay updated on the latest trends. Bart fosters a sense of community within our industry, promoting collaboration and continuous learning. His dedication to education benefits both professionals and clients, ensuring personalized consultations, informed decisions, and exceptional results. Bart contributes to the professionalism and integrity of the beauty industry.

My Color Pod
150 E Street Road, Sola Salons, Studio 16
Feasterville, PA


Sandee McKee Kranz

Independent Stylist

I am married and a mom to 4 beautiful children and a CG (cool grandma) to 4 beautiful grands. I absolutely LOVE the spring because this is when I get to work in my garden and discover new herbs. Recently, I have become a chicken owner and, well, I don’t think more needs to be said there. 

I have been in the hair industry for 14 years and feel as though my clients are my family. After all, they are the best walking billboards for me!

The SK Salon at Luna Jade
915 Jefferson street SE SUITE D
Athens, AL


Stacey Prescott

Independent Stylist

With over 13 years of dedicated service as a licensed Master Cosmetologist and a heartfelt passion for nurturing natural curls, this multi-certified expert embodies a wealth of expertise and genuine care for her clients. Her journey is as diverse as it is inspiring, marked by a commendable tenure in the US Army that instills discipline and resilience, a role she proudly balances with being a mother of four, a dedicated wife, and a loving daughter. The culmination of her diverse career led her to fully immerse herself in the hair industry after a 17 year career with the State of Georgia, where she now thrives as the proud owner of a private luxury salon suite for the past three years. This transition underscores her commitment to pursuing her passion and making a significant impact in the beauty world. As an avid perpetual student and teacher, she is driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, always seeking to learn, implement, and share her insights. This drive is not solely for her personal advancement but is rooted in a profound desire to uplift others in her sphere, propelling them to new heights. Beautifully You Salon 3183 Inner Perimeter Rd, Suite C8 Valdosta, GA

Mountain Region

Janette Woolley

Independent Stylist

Janette, a master hairstylist and colorist with over 30 years of experience, is passionate about helping stylists elevate their craft. She transforms hair using techniques like balayage and lived-in color. Janette also masters color corrections, creates effortlessly stylish cuts, and crafts stunning bridal updos.

Her extensive knowledge and attention to detail allow her to collaborate with clients to achieve their dream hair. Janette’s fierce passion for the industry extends to mentoring new stylists. She loves sharing her expertise and fostering a collaborative environment at Blades Salon & Spa in Pocatello, Idaho.

When not inspiring stylists, Janette enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors.

Blades Salon & Spa
200 S. Main St Suite B
Pocatello ID


Donna Hogg

Certified Trichologist

Donna Hogg’s journey in the hair industry began in 1974, fueled by a passion that quickly propelled her beyond hairstyling. By 1978, she had secured her trichology certification from The International Association of Trichologists, solidifying her as a true hair and scalp expert. Her desire to share her knowledge led her to become a licensed instructor in 2001, shaping the next generation of stylists.

While a spinal cord injury temporarily sidelined her from hands-on instruction, Donna’s unwavering spirit found a new channel. Applying the principles of hair restoration to her own recovery, she embraced the motto: “improve what you can, the more you do with what you can, the less there is of what you cannot!” This philosophy now guides her approach to education – encouraging stylists to continuously learn and perfect their craft.

Donna has spent over two decades at Central Texas Beauty College, becoming a trusted source for everything related to hair, from fundamental techniques to the intricate science behind its health and function. Think of her as the ultimate hair friend – knowledgeable, approachable, and passionate about keeping hair healthy and stunning, even through chemical treatments.

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